How am I doing?

Good question! No one’s asked since my move. It sucks in Austin! I completely understand that it’s barely been a month but I HAVEN’T DONE SHIT. Social media isn’t doing it for me anymore. I’ve grown sick & tired of Instagram, Facebook and Grindr. It’s only used to show the lifestyle I live and to hook up. FUCK THAT. I can’t even get a decent message across. I miss being able to speak my mind. I miss being an activist. I have been stripped of all resources since my move.

I wake up everyday around 4pm and sleep at 5am. OH! Get this. I have back pimples now. <3 I had dreams of doing better things and becoming big but I have nothing now. This post isn’t just a rant. It’s a monthly update about my life. Posting personal information online has always been easy for me to do rather than actually seeking help. It’s my way of venting. Anyways…

I’m doing just fine physically. Always have been but mentally I’m a mess. (no longer a hot one) I guess I’m just home sick. I miss the poor fashion scene in the valley. I miss MVG. I miss my family! I wanted to grow up fast. I regret that. Send good vibes my way. Support my every move. Support TPN. It’s all I got.



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