Pizza Face Model

Photography by Samantha Jane Creative


Writer’s block clogged my mental pores!

My early years consisted of curiosity towards models; living the perfect life in order to pursue fashion. I learned that having clear skin and having a perfect body would grant me access to the glamorous scene of fashion. That’s all bullshit.

The small minded individuals who ignored me for not having a six pack and clear skin really missed out when they realized, ITS NOT ALL ABOUT THAT. It’s about the confidence you can produce and how fabulous you can look with or without blemishes. Over the month of August, I attended many castings in Dallas, TX. and had a few test shots done. I kept checking my pimples every 15 minutes hoping they wouldn’t flare up. That only made it worse…The stress was kicking in. The thoughts of being judged by others was slowly killing me.

I hid my discouragement and worked as hard as I could. I forgot about everything that was wrong with me and let my confidence speak. When you enter into the fashion scene your expected to live a certain lifestyle. Once you start to criticize yourself too much, the problems pile on more and more. Rather live by this motto…

Work hard. Play harder.

Embrace your flaws, because they add character to you. If you live to be perfect, your living like everyone else in the fashion scene. There will be a time where the status you built online, will not match the status you actually have. Instead of hiding your problems, embrace them.

Here’s my solution to keeping pimples under control.

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  1. Veronica B.
    August 15, 2016 / 12:33 pm

    I love this so much! Nolan, you are an inspiring, admirable model and you have the most beautiful face and soul. Keep blogging bc I love it all so much!

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