Why does my mind keep repeating the same thoughts over and over again? I am tired of having to switch on and off with a “healthy” lifestyle. Bitch no one said I had to go on a diet before fashion week. I did it to lose weight so people would think I’m more androgynous.

Did it work?


All I know is that someone was skinnier than me and it made me feel 10x’s worse.

Every time I see someone from the online world I always brag about how horrible the industry is. It’s a relatable topic. It always ends with “the industry isn’t for everyone” like I already didn’t know that. I willingly signed up for this even though my mind isn’t well. I still struggle with body issues and am slowly getting rid of my depression but honey, I’ve come a long way and making it this far takes a lot of bravery.

Before castings began, I was sexually harassed while working on set with a photographer. I like to keep my personal life on the DL but this was something that really fucked me up. A week later, I was given the right platform to expose everything wrong with the industry. A chance to really throw some names around but I’m scared. I can’t even come up with the words to say. I guess you can say this is my cry for help. Don’t think about it too much though. I really am okay.

Look at me. I’m making it. I’m getting paid to model but still, no one cares enough to ask about the fall. This blog isn’t to brag about any of my accomplishments, it’s about the problems I face in the industry. It’s my way of letting people know that it’s not all that. Ask me about it.

I’ll tell you everything.


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