Photography by Gerardo Vizmanos

You were given the responsibility of an adult the second you turned 13. The hastiness in your body sparked a much bigger curiosity towards fashion then it did sex. I’m sure you imagined it to be a fabulous life filled with adventures but you still find yourself lost in the world of sexual pleasure. It’s easy to tell love from intimidation but the aggressive pressure put on you by someone other than your lover is just sickening. You feel like a fraud. Not only to yourself but to your family.

Learn from this tragedy. Know how to prevent this.

It will never be appropriate for someone that doesn’t know you to fuck around with you. Who the hell do you even run to in this situation? Your boyfriend? Your mom? The police? None. The thought of coming up with different explanations worry you and you’re forced to stay quiet. Just don’t lose touch. You’re living in a world of exploitation. Are you just as corrupt? You have all this information to reveal but no one to reveal it to. It’s universal. They keep their mouth shut to avoid humiliation and you do it to protect your career.

Get over yourself already.


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