“Dear reader,

I find it absolutely terrifying that in 2 weeks I’ll be graduating high school and releasing the biggest project I have to offer as of now. I somehow manage to go on everyday with very little sleep but the outcome of everything I’ve done and how I’ve grown is phenomenal. Without further ado, I present to you The Public Notices.com, previously known as Youth-Nation.com and Curieux.city. June 5th marks the day I graduate. Of course everyone is invited to my graduation but lets be honest, GRADUATION BORES not only me but 99% of the attendees. However, I cordially invite you to join me on JUNE 4TH at my official blog launch party to experience a night of high fashion, wine and socializing. Get to know what The Public Notices is all about and meet the team. This is an ALL AGE event and OPEN to the public! All Welcome ( details below )” EXPIRED. Lets move on!

When you’ve mastered the art of feeling lonely in a room full of people, that’s when you know.”
― Kris Kidd