Producer, Fashion Stylist, Model, Photographer

An ‘Alter Ego’ is said to be, in psychology, our other Self, a second personality inside us, which may be the opposite of what our conscious self or usually outwardly displayed personality is like. For 2 years I depicted myself as a rich teenager with an amazing fashion sense.

Russell Jane

He ran two blogs, hosted many local fashion shows and learned EVERY SINGLE aspect of fashion. It’s so crazy how far someone can get by lying. His talents aren’t what he lied about tho. It was his confidence. By acting like he was well qualified in fashion prepared him for failure and achievement. However, things got awkward when he started getting big.

My alter ego started getting A-Listed & VIP’d! It wasn’t my name on the list it was Russell Jane‘s. Imagine showing up to a concert or fashion show with an ID stating your actual name, Nolan mother fucking Robert. Having to explain why you have two different names and proving to the bouncer that I’m R.J. was total social suicide. First impressions are everything and mine always sucked. After two years of playing celebrity, I changed my Facebook name back to Nolan Robert and did a lot of explaining. Till this day, I am referred to Russell by those who are close to me.


I’m claiming one side of fashion and that’s modeling. I may not be on demand now but when I am, I’ll know exactly who to thank. My time is now!


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